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timbul bhuana

Timbul Bhuana

greatest memories...

Jalan Kapten Sujana No, 1 Blahbatuh Gianyar Bali
telp/WA.: 081237592626
Fax. 0361 955276
PIN BB : 24d95305
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Desa Peliatan

It is located in the tourist resort between Mas village and Ubud village . It is easy to be reached by all kinds of vehicle. Peliatan is one of tourist reosrt in Bali since long time. It is famous for its Legong Keraton Dance and its gong group. The had gone abroad for several times, in 1931 they performend their skill to France, 1951 to USA and 1971 to Australia. They are the first of art group in Bali who performed their skill aboard. The faclities: homestays, restaurants, the palace for dancing, that is thaught by experienced dancer.

In this village we can also find the people make wood carvings or painting. The visitors are croweded enough either domestic or foreign visitors.

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